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The Skinny


There are two groups of awesome individuals that comprise our platform. One are photographers that specialize in teen, senior and young adult portraits. The other are teens and young adults aged 13-22, trail blazing and making their mark on the world!  


We all come from different walks, different backgrounds and different areas of the country. To promote unique photography experiences we pool our efforts and create a collaborative space to share our talents. By creating and hosting yearly big events, smaller meetups and monthly challenges we create a completely unique portrait photography experience.


If you are a teenager or young adult ages 13 - 22, you really need to check us out. You are part of a generation that's fashion forward, creative thinking and are trail blazers. If you like travel and fashion and meeting new people, this is something you probably would love to be a part of. Talk to your photographer about how they integrate this concept into their studio. Each photographer has their own special ways they incorporate Senior Post into their business model.


If you are a teen and senior portrait photographer, this is a fantastic way to boost your business. If you are just starting out in your business it's a great way to rub shoulders with some amazing national senior portrait photographers. What's better than learning from some of the best? Not much! If you are a seasoned senior portrait photographer one of our yearly events or meetups would be a great way to recharge and reboot. By participating in our challenges you will also learn to push the boundaries and step outside your comfort zone. There are costs involved. For a list of opportunities shoot us a note. We would love to hear from you and get you plugged in.

Ultimately Senior Post wants to share our passion of senior portrait photography with other photographers and their amazing models and clients. We love to create experiences you simply must be part of.


And hey, making new friends and traveling to ridiculously cool places is just way cool.

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