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To grow as an individuals we have to take on new challenges. This goes for both photographers, models and clients. We all have to stretch and allow ourselves to be pushed outside the margins of our comfortability. Senior Post's monthly, themed creative challenges are meant to provide that small nudge and get those creative juices flowing. We encourage photographers to participate and get their model teams, and clients, involved in as many of these monthly creative challenges as their schedule allows. Sometimes that's just a few a year. Occasionally some photographers may do more, some less. There are a lot of variables within each of our own studios that determine how many and which ones we participate in, but just know, that when we do participate the end result is going to be killer good!

And as always we want to see your BEST work!

All challenges are due for submission on the 25th of the preceding month and will be posted on our blog between the 1st and 5th of the challenge month.


Check out our Blog for Past Challenges!


September - 1986 Stranger Things

October - Forest

November - Reflections

December - Red

January - Glam

February - One Light Source

March - Fast Food

April - Fields at Sunset

May - Umbrellas

June - Pool Party

July - Purple Rain

August - Runway



All images must be named and sized according to the requirements below.


Files must sized as: ***IMPORTANT***

800px on the long edge, 80% quality and JPG format.

Files must be named as: ***IMPORTANT***


No Watermarked images.

If multiple models are in the same challenge, please provide each model's name, First AND Last, in the file name. Please do not forget the hyphens between Photographer Name and Model Name and Image Number.

Once you have sized and named your images according the these requirements please put them in a Drop Box folder. You will provide a SHAREABLE link to this Drop Box folder in your submission below.


Number of images should be no more than 10. An ideal number of images are 6-10.


Images must be received by the 25th of the month for the following month's challenge. We will post photographer's images to our blog between the 1st and 5th of the Challenge month.


For each month's challenge you will need to fill out our Consent and Release Form  below and provide a link to the Drop Box folder with your Challenge images.


Challenge Image Submission
Consent & Release Form

By signing, I am stating I have permission and a model release for each individual I am submitting an image of.

Thank you for submitting to our Challenges!

Challenge Submission
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