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The forest... a place where we can leave the cacophony of daily life, and find our soul. A corner of our world were we are able to come alive, rejuvenate and return with a renewed sense of adventure and love for nature around us.

With the turning of the seasons, this is beautiful time of year to get out and reconnect with the whispers of leaves falling, the mystic sway of trees in the woods and the soft sounds of wildlife that calls the forest home.

Enjoy what nature has to offer. It's beautiful.

We are loving the images submitted for our challenge this month!

Photographer: Aspynn Tabor

Instagram: @aspynntaborphotog

Location: Weatherford, OK

Model: Tegan Burchfield

Photographer: Jen Rickard

Instagram: @jen_fourjphotography

Location: Lafayette, LA

Model: Alexis Hart

Photographer: Seeley Casey

Instagram: @twogirlsandalens

Location: Frisco, TX

Model: Brylee Boyd

Photographer: Richard Parker


Location: Austin, TX

Model: Natalia Rodriguez

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