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December's challenge was a pretty simple, one word theme! .....Red! Check out below some of these super redilicious images submitted this month!

Up next... January's challenge, GLAM! Glamafied. GlamaBAM! It could even be a take on Glamping! What ever your take is, just have fun with it!

Photographer: Seeley Casey

Instagram: @twogirlsandalens

Location: Prosper, TX

Model: Brynna Berge & Ashlynn Marsh

Photographer: Jennifer Rickard

Instagram: @jen_fourjphotography

Location: Lafayette, LA

Model: Amber Bourque

Photographer: Richard Parker


Location: Austin, TX

Model: Jenna Chavez

Photographer: Kristen Hazleton

Instagram: @kristenhazleton

Location: Oak Park, IL

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