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Sometimes it takes seeing a reflection of ourselves to understand who and where we are in life. The face and emotions staring back at us says much. Without reflecting we tend to lose our way in the world. We become engrossed in ourselves, tied up and hung up on our problems and often lost in translation without seeing or knowing our true selves.

But when we slow down and take time to really understand who is looking back at us, we begin to see who we really are. Suddenly the path becomes clear and we know that all the joys of life outweigh any troubles we may have.

A reflection has the ability to snap us back into the here and now, and appreciate not only what the world has to offer, but what we have to offer the world.

Next month's challenge Red! Be sure and have your images ready to submit by November 25th!

Photographer: Jen Rickard

Instagram: @jen_fourjphotography

Location: Lafayette, LA

Model: Gabi Rollman

Photographer: Richard Parker


Location: Austin, TX

Model: Haley Mitchell

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