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Each year a select number of uber talented senior and teen portrait photographers get together to collaborate with their models and clients in some stunning locations across the US. These locations have ranged from the east coast to west coast over the years. It's a time to get away, recharge and hone our craft. A craft we are extremely passionate about.


For our models and clients it is an opportunity to be a part of a unique and one of a kind photography experience. Our models and clients get to shoot with some amazing portrait photographers, meet and make new friends, work with hair and makeup artists and stylists, visit off the radar locations all while creating memories they will never forget.

Each of our photographers, models and clients leave with new found confidence, new industry creative abilities, and for those that are considering a career in modeling a much better understanding of the ins and outs of what commercial modeling can be like, without the agency overhead.

For details on our upcoming PUERTO RICO Wanderlust Adventure click here!

To explore some of our past events check out our blog here!

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